Your contributions to the Crisis Discourse Blog: present your snap shot analysis at the DNC3ALED unconference in Paris next week!


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Dear colleagues who will be gathering at DNC3ALED,

Please feel invited to consider the following call and come along with an ad hoc or prepared contribution: we will have a slot at the DNC3ALED unconference for presenting and discussing contributions to the Crisis Discourse Blog that me and colleagues are currently setting up. The blog is meant to provide to the interested reader brief and pointed analyses of language use or discourse practice that the author deems problematic from a particular axiological angle and wants to position on. So far, the blog has mainly postgraduate students' blogposts that we worked on during discourse analysis classes.

We are collecting snap shot analyses and reflections on slippery concepts for the following issues/topics:

# fire-raisers: how established political forces enhanced fear of migration

# oikodycy: the prove of the market after financial-economic crisis

# me not: anti-gender discourse after me too

Snap shot analyses: present in briefer form (5-10 pages) a piece of your research which illustrates contemporary language use or discourse practice/formation that you deem problematic. It should entail entail: what the troubling thing is (peg), why it is troubling you (axiological point of view), what approach you chose to discourse-analyse it (scientific point of view), what you found out about it...

Reflections on slippery concepts: this is brief essay (30-10 pages) on a term whose current use you find problematic from a particular axiological viewpoint. It should entail: what the troubling thing is about the term, w shows current uses and draws on semantic history or Foucauldian genealogy for contextualisation.

Obviously, these formats are just for orientation and they also need not necessarily go in the blog. Rather, the DNC3ALED unconference would be an occasion to experiment with a more bloggy and engaged form of discourse analysis.

I hope to have triggered your curiousity and look forward to listening to one or the other snapshot.

For more information contact me via the email below.

DNC3ALED organisers welcome more suggestions for the unconference, by the way!



Amelie Kutter
European University Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder) @ DNC3ALED
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Amelie Kutter
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